Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NYC, CMJ, life after CMJ


Ny Ny, what can I say, nothing. It was really intensive.
Izabo and dana adini, all prty, they were simply great, quiet professionals.
No complain, just work and smile, celebrate the moment.
This was the best year for Israeli artists.

Izabo, Dana Adini, Monotonix, Rockfour where accepted to the CMJ. Asaf Avidan, Lebanon, Paula Valestein and more played in the same venues but without the
the official stamp.

Izabo got huge attention wining the prize of international spotlight.
The photo was on the program and the next thing is Mike Hedges,
Legendary producer with U2, Cure and more came to listen to the show.
He was so excited, he returned on midnight to listen to Dana.
It could not be better.

I am listening to a new Joni Mitchell album, I bought in Starbucks,
I am so happy I did, the album takes me back to places I thought do no survive to date.
Her voice is like the Joni Mitchell we know with a new flavor, can’t really explain.
I can hear Yes, I can hear American music, I can hear beautiful music.

Suddenly I feel hungry for music; again, I hope it will last as long as I live on this place called earth.

The people around, they are special. Yoram Morad, the cultural attaché, Joey Low, Israel at heart. I remember the first time I heard of Israel at heart, I was somewhat cynical,
Now I understand, Joey has Israel at heart big way.
Brice, I have no idea why he bothered at all.
Michael Dorf, Moishe Rosenfeld, Paula, Tchelet, Batia.

Very intensive…how much more I can walk this road, in two weeks I am 55 years of age.

Night is about to become a day, I am still on my way.


At November 19, 2007 4:58 AM , Meir said...

Hello Asher,
Congrats on the success of Habanot Nechama. The way you describe your feelings when listening to the new Joni Mitchell album sound so familiar. I truly believe you have some great talent among your artists.
I was wondering if you might need some help from a music fan/recent university graduate.


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